Top Tips When Choosing A Motel

Posted on: 26 March 2020

Motel accommodation facilities can be found on town outskirts or along major highways. Most motels have adequate and secure parking. They may also provide meals and other perks. Below is a guide on how to choose a motel.


Online reviews are a sure way to examine the experience of people who have visited the motel. Check star ratings on travel blogs or the motel's Google My Business listing. Beware of motels where previous customers have complained about dirty sheets or the presence of pests in the rooms. Inquire about the quality of services and which groups frequent the motel. For instance, some hotels are popular among long-distance drivers, while others are a favourite for campers.


Other than food and accommodation, the motel should provide the following services: 

  • A fully stocked bar with your favourite drinks and cocktails. Some bars have bands during the weekend.
  • If you intend to stay for a few days, look for a motel that has recreational facilities such as a swimming pool or gym.
  • The rooms must be comfortable. For instance, free Wi-Fi, cable television and air conditioning can significantly ease your comfort.
  • Check the available rooms. If you intend to travel with your infant, inquire if the motels have cots.
  • Some motels are eco-friendly. They use renewable sources of power. Besides, they opt not to clean your sheets daily if you will stay for an extended period.
  • If you need to service your car, look for a motel that has a garage. You may also find a filling station and a shop where you can purchase snacks and drinks. 

Ease of Booking

The motel should have a straightforward booking process. Most motels have a link on their website, Google My Business listing or on travel blogs where you can book your room directly. Once you make your booking, the motel staff will call you to confirm your reservation. Other motels have an app you can use to check-in, request housekeeping, extend your stay, and check-out.


CCTV and restricted access systems can help deter theft. Some motel rooms have safes where you can store valuables such as cash, sensitive documents and jewelry. As a rule, you should not leave your room unlocked as you go to the parking or a restaurant. 


The motel should be reasonably priced. Expect to pay more if the motel has luxury amenities such as Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Some motels have a standard bed and breakfast fee. Others will charge for the bed and have guests pay extra for their meals.

When choosing a motel, check online reviews, available services, the ease of booking, security and the pricing policy.