Hotel Dining When You're on a Diet

Posted on: 29 April 2019

Staying in a hotel is an excellent opportunity to enjoy tasty dining options. However, if you're on a diet, you may soon start to wonder whether you can eat healthy and still have fun. With the right mindset, hotel dining while you're dieting is both tasty and healthy.

Avoid the pre-meal nibbles

Although feasting on bread and olives feels enjoyable at the time, you'll soon fill yourself up ahead of the main meal. As a result, your main dish won't be quite as enjoyable and you're almost guaranteed to over-eat. If you feel left out while others are eating pre-meal nibbles, consider ordering a green salad or crudites instead.

Have a healthy pre-restaurant snack

Avoid approaches such as skipping a meal so you can make more of the calories available at your hotel restaurant. Such tactics may result in you feeling so hungry that you binge eat, which means you'll eat more than if you'd eaten your lunch. As an alternative, try eating a light and healthy lunch, then have an apple an hour before you leave for the restaurant. You'll satisfy yourself enough to make healthy dining choices once you arrive.

Think about your food swaps in advance

If you know that you love heading straight for particularly unhealthy food, create food swaps in your mind before heading out. For example, you can swap fatty meats and creamy sauces for lean meats and vegetable-based sauces. Similarly, ditch the cake and ice cream you'd usually have for dessert in favour of eating a fruit salad instead. 

Ignore the temptation to finish everything

If you're aware that your hotel restaurant dishes up generous sizes, mentally recognise that you don't need to eat everything in front of you. Try to eat mindfully and tune in with your body every so often to see if you're feeling full. If you do reach the point where you've eaten enough, you can always ask the restaurant to bag your food for you so you can enjoy it another time.

Focus on healthy sides

Many restaurants offer chips or creamy potato dishes as standard. Although that's the case, you're always free to ask for healthy alternatives so you can have a side while staying true to your diet plan. If you're craving the taste and texture of chips or fries, try sweet potatoes as an alternative. Otherwise, opt for steamed vegetables that'll bulk up your meal without adding too many extra calories.