Tips for tipping hotel staff in Australia

Posted on: 16 November 2016

Many people are confused about when or whether or not to tip in Australia. While tipping is not compulsory in Australia, it is commonly offered when people offer service that goes over and beyond what is normally expected. Here are some tips on when to tip during your hotel stay. 


In many higher-end restaurants in hotels, a fee for gratuity is already built into the bill, so it is worth checking to see if a line item has been added for the tip. It not it is not standard to tip waiters, although many diners will 'round' their bill by leaving small amounts of change when paying with cash. If your party was particularly large or required extra attention (such as a waiter helping you with taking photos of a birthday dinner or helping out with a surprise party), you might like to offer the waiter some extra money to make up for the time they have not been able to offer to other diners. 

Housekeeping staff

It's not standard to tip housekeeping staff, and many staff will generally not realise that money left out is intended as a tip unless indicated. If you leave the room in a particularly messy state, you might like to leave some extra money for the housekeepers to compensate for the extra cleaning but this is not expected. It is also appreciated to leave a small note with the tip saying something like 'Thanks for helping us have such a lovely stay in this hotel'. 

Bellhops and room maintenance workers

For small, one-off jobs such as helping with bags or hailing a taxi it is very uncommon to offer a tip. If you do offer a tip, it may be turned away so it tends to be better to offer some heartfelt thanks. Concierges and other service staff also do not expect to get tips in a hotel. If you have received exceptional service from one of these staff it's a good idea to mention this on a feedback card or to a hotel supervisor so that the management can recognise their great customer service. 

When you are in Australia staying at a hotel there is no reason to be worried about tipping. Any extra amounts you offer to the staff will usually be gratefully received. If, on the other hand, you don't offer any tips, the customer service will stay the same and you won't cause any offence.