How to Help Teens Enjoy Family Caravan Trips: Use Powered Campsites

Posted on: 7 November 2016

If you're planning a caravan trip and have teenagers in your family, you may find that you're a bit more excited about the trip than your teens. Even families who have gone away in their caravans or campers for years can find that their children lose enthusiasm for this kind of holiday as they get older.

While you can force your teen to come along and rough it, this may give you a less peaceful and family-happy holiday than you wanted. If you have teenagers who are rolling their eyes at the thought of another camping trip in a caravan, you may find that it helps to book powered caravan sites. These sites give you access to your own electricity supply which may just spark a little more enthusiasm in your kids.

Being able to hook your caravan or camper up to power when you park it for the night may seem a bit of a cop-out if you wanted to get away from it all; however, a little electricity can go a long way to keeping teenagers happy. For example, you may find that your teens actually appreciate being able to do the following:

  • Having a shower in your caravan rather than having to traipse to a shower block. Teens like privacy and may not much like having to share bathroom space with other people especially if it involves walking across a campsite.
  • Having access to TV (if you have a set in your van). While you may not want your kids to be glued to a TV all the time you're on your holiday, having the ability to let them watch a bit of TV may make the trip more palatable for them.
  • Having the ability to use and recharge portable technology gadgets such as laptops and phones. If your teens are constantly connected to their friends in their everyday lives, it can be a bit much to cut them off completely while you're on holiday.

Tip: If you had hoped to get back to nature and worry that your teens will simply hook themselves up to a power supply as soon as you park up before disappearing behind screens for the rest of your trip, set ground rules on how often they can do stuff like watch TV or use laptops and phones.

Bear in mind that you may need to book powered caravan sites in advance, especially if you have an unusual spec of van or camper. There is no guarantee that sites will have powered spaces available if you just turn up without booking.