Organising a special weekend 'stay-cation' for your mum

Posted on: 19 October 2016

If you want to treat your mum to a special gift for her birthday, Christmas or 'just because', then it can be nice to organise a weekend together in a local hotel. Often one of the most appreciated gifts is the gift of your time and a 'stay-cation' allows you to spend some time connecting and pampering your mum. 

Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your stay-cation gift. 

Book a boutique hotel in another part of your city

It can be nice to not have to spend much time travelling, but rather to start the enjoyable part of the weekend straight away. Sometimes staying in a part of the city that you don't regularly visit can be a real adventure. A luxury or boutique hotel will likely have great customer service and updated decor with a focus on creating a special customer experience within the hotel.  You can choose a hotel that might suit your mum's interests such as one that has a great restaurant if she is a bit of a foodie or one with a rooftop pool if she likes to swim. 

Book some spa treatments together

It can also be lovely to plan some spa treatments that you can have together. Even if your mum is not a regular visitor to the spa, it can be great to get a couples massage or get some pedicures together. Often boutique hotels either have an in-hotel spa that you can book, or you can even sometimes get the therapists to come to the room and give you some spa treatments in the room. 

Organise a home cleaner while you are away

While a hotel stay can be a great change of pace, it might not feel like much of a break if your mum has to come home and clean the house! Why not get some other family members to contribute to the gift by getting the home cleaned while you are away on the stay-cation and getting any small house maintenance jobs done? That way your mother can maintain the feeling of relaxation when she gets back home. 

Organising a special weekend stay-cation for your mum can be a great way to show your mum how much you appreciate all that she has done for your family. Why not look at booking a boutique hotel and start planning a nice break for your mum to relax and spend some uninterrupted time with you?